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    After 30 years in the high tech business as a sales Manager and OEM?Major Account executiveboth in the US and now 18 years in the Netherlands I decided in 2011 to start my own Executive car sevuice in my city Den Haag.

    Over the years I had often used taxis and many other forms of business transportation and in an earlier lifetime; I was a weekend graveyard shift taxi driver in a University town (Leiden) while setting up nan import/export company

    So wiht this as a background, I had a very good of idea of what  the business executive wanted and and also of the many shortfalls present in the taxi business worldwide. 

    With the mission statement to provide in the Nederland RAndstad  the absolute best of Executive business travelwith a speicaility of servicing ZEmabassies, Mulyi-National comnpany office and Internetional Schools and Day Care centers I started my new business in the end of 2010, Execuitve Cars of Den Haag.

    In the following pages of our website I will explain our services and why you as a Business executive , Embassy personnel or Ex-Pat living in the wonderful country that I have made my home, The Netherlands can take advantage our our unique experience and premium services for transportation.